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Non-dilutive funding matching your growth in real-time

Founders shouldn’t wait to accumulate enough revenue to get funded!
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I have been a founder, exited and later became an investor. As a founder, I am familiar with the hardship of constant need for capital. As an investor, I could not find passive income investments with decent yield. Thus, I decided to solve both problems in one with Assetize.
Charles Plenet de Badts, Founder at Assetize

streamlined funding for the first time ever!

Assetize helps you focus on growth instead of runway.

Assetize is a solution that helps founders transform any size of recurring revenue into its annual value in real-time, without causing equity dilution.

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What's in for you?

Unlock Funding-as-a-Service
End consumer benefits
End consumer benefits
Assetize passes the benefit onto your users allowing them to pay monthly, while still receiving a discount on their subscriptions!
No dilution
No dilution
Assetize is allowing founders to retain more ownership of their companies by choosing non-dilutive funding partially or entirely.
Virtually free
Virtually free
Your added benefits at no additional cost. We make sure your cost structure doesn’t change in any way. No hidden fees!
Real-time funding
Real-time funding
We are closing the time-gap between your growth & your capital need. Forget about having to accumulate enough revenue to get funded.
Automated plug & play
Automated plug & play
Once plugged into our platform there's nothing more to do, irrespective of whether you are raising once or a hundred times.
No warm intro needed
No warm intro needed
Your funding capacity is not limited by your background or who you might know. It is solely dependent on how your company is performing.
Compound 365x faster with Assetize
Leverage compouding
Leverage compouding
Leverage Assetize’s weekly payments to compound 365x faster and increase your annual percentage yield.
Portfolio diversification
Portfolio diversification
Thanks to crowdfunding, Assetize allows investors to build diversified portfolio in order to enhance your overall returns.
Real-time credit scoring
Real-time credit scoring
2000+ man-hours, 60+ years of risk scoring experience combined with 20k active businesses' data base delivering risk scoring through APIs.
Auto-triggered investments
Auto-triggered investments
We allow you to place orders based on an investment thesis which can be auto-matically triggered and completed once a match is found (subject to last look).
Legal & due diligence
Legal & due diligence
We partnered with industry leaders to ensure full compliance (KYC/KYB, AML/CFT) and loan agreement templates for a frictionless experience.
Market aggregator
Market aggregator
You no longer have to dedicate someone to do deal sourcing, Assetize does all the heavy lifting and brings the right deals to you in real-time.
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Any recurring revenue business with min. 10k MRR & at least 6 months of operations


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Individual lenders & institutional such as (private debt funds, family offices, etc)


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  • Free access to our 2000+ man-hours ML scoring model
  • Execute 10x faster your deals & due diligence on investments prospects
  • Monitor your portco effortlessly
  • Help your portco extend their runway
  • Access to the Founders Club
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For whom?
Business angels, Accelerators, Incubators & VCs

Sustainability rippled through tech-companies.

The ADONIS initiative is funneling impact lending investments to recurring revenue tech-companies pledging to sustainability.

The ADONIS commitments

A flap towards sustainability

Adopting ESG & sustainability standards, while remaining competitive as a young growing company, is not an easy task. The introduction of sustainable business processes in a company need a wide range of resources. The main one is funding.
Assetize is committed to help to recur revenue businesses implement sustainable measures by offering non-dilutive impact funding through ADONIS.
Tech companies are scalable, so is their impact. Funding them means amplifying their positive impact on our society & planet.
Assetize will lead by example and capitalize ADONIS for its first loans. The initial funds will provide $10K to $50K free of interest loans to the first 20 eligible applicants.
Furthermore, 1% of our company’s profits will be used to fund ADONIS in perpetuity.
Impact investment icon
Impact investment
ADONIS is funneling non-dilutive impact funding to tech-companies from lenders wishing to measure the size of the impact their investments have.
Sustainability framework icon
Sustainability framework
ADONIS is building an ESG & sustainability real-time scoring model for tech-companies to provide a reliable impact investment framework to investors.
Adonis ecosystem icon
The ADONIS ecosystem
An ecosystem offering a variety of sustainable solutions to assist tech-businesses with adapted sustainable options that do not limit their growth.
ADONIS is providing the first impact investment framework for tech-companies based on a real-time scoring model. ADONIS is allowing investors to measure the sustainability impact their investments had on a given company.