Sustainability rippled through tech-companies.

The ADONIS initiative is funneling impact lending investments to recurring revenue tech-companies pledging to sustainability.
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Adonis (Lysandra bellargus)
“Adonis” is a once thriving, but now at the risk of extinction, butterfly. While awakening about the state of our planet's condition, butterflies like ADONIS are also reminding us of our individual power of action through a theory named after them, “the butterfly effect”.
“The butterfly effect“ was coined by Edward Norton based on the idea that small gestures can have large scale impacts. All of us as individuals, professionals and, more so, as founders can choose sustainable actions.
More than ever, technology companies have an impact on our lives and the world. Today's startups are tomorrow’s giants. The ADONIS initiative aims to help future giants become sustainable during their “startup” days through non-dilutive funding.
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Charles Plenet de Badts, Founder of Assetize

Assetize is proud to announce its partnership with

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and entrusts its CEO, Max Song, in spearheading with us the ADONIS Initiative.

Carbonbase provides the easiest way for individuals and corporates to take effective actions against Climate Change, using a proprietary technology to calculate Carbon Footprints, purchase Carbon Offsets, and provide rewards for doing so.
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Max Song
Founder & CEO at Carbonbase
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Scharzman Scholars
Tsinghua University
Forbes 30under30
Previously to founding Carbonbase, Max was a venture partner at Pacific Century Group, a multi billion HK-based family office chaired by Richard Li, where he was leading investment in TMT, AI & Blockchain. Max is also co-chair at the IEEE Planet Positive 2030 Forestry Committee and a board member at PAO Bank HK.
Technology companies play the lead role in the fight against climate change, and Carbonbase is excited to partner with Assetize to provide the tools & funding for them to take actions towards sustainability.
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Max Song, Founder of CarbonBase
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Bozoma Saint John
CMO of Netflix
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Alesia Haas
CFO of Coinbase
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Jessica Parker
Analyst at Goldman Sachs
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Jens Rudberg
CMO of Teenage Engineering
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Hong Fang
CEO of Okcoin
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Harry Rogers
Lead Engineer at MEO
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The ADONIS commitments

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Adopting ESG & sustainability standards, while remaining competitive as a young growing company, is not an easy task. The introduction of sustainable business processes in a company need a wide range of resources. The main one is funding.
Assetize is committed to help to recur revenue businesses implement sustainable measures by offering non-dilutive impact funding through ADONIS.
Tech companies are scalable, so is their impact. Funding them means amplifying their positive impact on our society & planet.
Assetize will lead by example and capitalize ADONIS for its first loans. The initial funds will provide $10K to $50K free of interest loans to the first 20 eligible applicants.
Furthermore, 1% of our company’s profits will be used to fund ADONIS in perpetuity.
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Impact investment
ADONIS is funneling non-dilutive impact funding to tech-companies from lenders wishing to measure the size of the impact their investments have.
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Sustainability framework
ADONIS is building an ESG & sustainability real-time scoring model for tech-companies to provide a reliable impact investment framework to investors.
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The ADONIS ecosystem
An ecosystem offering a variety of sustainable solutions to assist tech-businesses with adapted sustainable options that do not limit their growth.
ADONIS is providing the first impact investment framework for tech-companies based on a real-time scoring model. ADONIS is allowing investors to measure the sustainability impact their investments had on a given company.

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